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If you’re just getting started with programming and want to dip your toes in without going all in, Python is a good choice because of its simple syntax. If you are pursuing computer science or engineering, I recommend starting with Java because it will help you comprehend the inner workings of programming. Today, Java is used to power a lot of the software that helps people do business and complete activities in the real world. Java has a bright future ahead of it and will continue to do so. Almost every organization uses a testing tool for testing the application. Application containers are designed to perform a variety of tasks, such as user authentication, logging, and database connection establishment.

Also, they need todesign applicationsthat are easy to use and have a good user interface. User interface refers to the way an application looks and feels. It should be easy for users to navigate and use the features of an application. For example, a unit test might check that a method in an application returns the expected result when given a certain input. With real-world projects and immersive content built in partnership with top-tier companies, you’ll master the tech skills companies want. Has its universitywhere you can learn how to work with the platform for free. You can choose a course depending on your technical background.

Keep coding

If you want to learn JUnit and Mockito from scratch, then I also suggest you join Learn Java Unit Testing with Junit & Mockito in the 30 Steps course by In28Minutes on Udemy. It’s a practical and hands-on course to get started with both these libraries. There are more advanced libraries that also exist like Cucumber for Business-driven testing, Robot Framework for integration testing, but there is no substitute for JUnit, you will always need that. If you know these two and know how to use them to effectively create a unit test, you will be a much better Java developer than without them. Unfortunately, there are not many dedicated resources on teaching Java IO and Java NIO API, but The Complete Java Masterclass is a great resource to master this API.


Find some real-world projects related to each topic you learn that you can play around with. A few example projects you might try building are an airline reservation system, data visualization software, or an online survey system.

Explore More College Resources

When hiring a how to become a java developer, look for someone who can continue to grow their skills on the job. Next, you’ll want to practice your new Java skills and build a portfolio to show potential employers. You should aim to create several Java applications for your portfolio .

  • On average, becoming a confident Java programmer takes about 1–2 years, considering you spend 2–3 hours per day practicing coding.
  • These are companies that havesoftware developers for customersor those that provide hardware to businesses.
  • Proficiency in design patterns will enable the developer to write flexible code that is easier to modify in the future if the need arises.
  • Java full stack developers are better than Java developers since they are proficient in more skills and tools compared to Java developers.

Principle of OOP helps java developers to learn java developer skills for java development. Because Java is such an in-demand language, competition for jobs in Java can be fierce. As long as you have significant hands-on software development experience and you’re willing to work hard, you can become a Java developer.

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How to become a software developer without a degree.

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